Why Food Additives Are Important

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Food additives are ingredients introduced into food in the processing stage. Chances are, you’ve heard of additives, and you may well be a little sceptical as to just how healthy they are. However, additives are present in food to serve an express purpose; they can improve the appearance, texture, taste and even nutritional value of foods. There are many different types of food additive, and we have listed some of the most prevalent.



You may well already know about the benefits of antioxidants. They limit the damage caused by altered cells inside your body, and can help fight against cancer, diabetes, heart disease and premature aging. However, they are also utilized as additives in the food industry to stop certain foods from going stale or rancid. Fats and pigments in particular react badly to oxidization, swiftly going off and developing an unpleasant odor and taste, so antioxidants are used to preserve them.



Sometimes in food, two ingredients won’t blend together particularly well, and naturally they would separate. For example, you could thoroughly stir oil in a glass of water, and yet it would still not mix; the oil would settle at the top. This is where emulsifiers come in. They are present in foods in which certain components would otherwise separate, such as mayonnaise, however their presence ensures they remain combined.



Also known as moisturizers, humectants serve the purpose of retaining moisture in an item of food, keeping a desirable freshness and consistency, adding bulk and maintaining softness. They are used in a wide variety of foods, including honey, chocolate, candy, cookies, raisins and cheeses. Aside from food, humectants are also widely used in toothpaste to prevent it drying out.



Like emulsifiers, stabilizers help preserve the structure of certain foods. However, as well as ensuring oil and water do not separate, they also prevent crystals forming in ice cream and ensure fruit is dispersed throughout jams and yoghurts rather than sinking to the bottom. These are just a handful of typical uses, and stabilizers like gelatin, carrageenan and agar are widely used in the food production industry.

You can find out more about the stabilizer carrageenan here: http://www.seaweed.ie/uses_general/carrageenans.php


Thickeners, or thickening agents as they are also known, are fairly self-explanatory in their nature. They increase the viscosity of liquids without any other resulting changes to the substance. These starches, gums and proteins are widely used in the production of sauces and soups. They are also used outside of food in paint, make-up and even explosives!

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Nutritional Supplements: Adding To Your Health?

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Nutritional Supplements: Benefitting Your Health and wellness?

Nutritional supplements refers to a variety of items that are made to boost your health and wellness, improve athletic performance, or otherwise influence your bodily or mental well being. These can include vitamins, sports supplements, weight-loss products, teas, natural herbs, as well as anti-oxidants. Nutritional supplements can be found in mostly all natural food establishments as well as lots of standard stores too.

Throughout past history, dietary supplements have been utilized to deal with a wide range of ailments as well as to improve wellness. Several traditional medicines originate from exactly what might be taken into consideration supplements. Probably among one of the most typical forms of dietary supplement is the vitamin. Many people take multi-vitamins, and physicians typically recommend such use. Some vitamins could be risky if absorbed in excess, nonetheless, so an awareness of the safety of such vitamins is important. An excess of Vitamin A, as an example, could cause liver damage as well as various other undesirable adverse effects. Speak with a doctor prior to taking anything vitamin supplements.

Other popular supplements are used in sporting activities, where they are utilized to enhance efficiency and rate recovery. Numerous supplements made use of for these objectives trigger dispute regarding performance, and some have actually been pulled from the shelves. Ephedrine is one current instance. Used in numerous weight management items, ephedrine caused serious heart problems for some individuals and is now a managed element. Creatine is an additional supplement of feasible unidentified negative effects. Some people assert that it triggers liver damages, while others state that it is safe when used appropriately.

Among one of the most vital things to understand about dietary supplements is that they are not regulated by the FDA. This is why many product beliefs on packaging labels and also advertising and marketing products include the message, “These declarations have not been evaluated by the FDA” or something similar. Because supplements are not managed, the production, handling, as well as packaging techniques could vary a lot from one product to another. When making use of supplements, make certain to searching for the company as well as choose a respectable provider. The safety of supplements might likewise be unknown due to the absence of regulation. Once again, careful buying is needed.

Numerous producers of supplements assert that they are risk-free due to the fact that they are all-natural or made from “100% natural” ingredients. While this might seem like a logical claim, consumers should utilize their best judgment when taking into consideration the use of supplements. Lots of compounds located in nature are not secure, as well as remain in reality toxic and even dangerous. Nevertheless, poisonous substance ivy is “all natural,” yet you likely will not intend to scrub all of it over your skin, even if a terrific sales pitch attempted to convince you that it’s the most effective cream around.

Some nutritional supplements can be beneficial as well as aid your health and wellness. Careful shopping and study is necessary to your healthiness. If a claim seems good to be true, it most likely is. Utilize good judgment before acquiring as well as using any type of dietary supplements. Get supplements from a trustworthy company as well as supplier, and when in doubt, speak with a doctor before starting a supplement session.

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How To Store Food in Cellars

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How To Store Food in Cellars


Have you ever wondered how to keep food fresh for a longer period of time?  Or more precisely, how to keep fresh fruit and vegetables ready for use and use them past their primetime without processing them in any way.  Is it even possible?  Of course it is!  Storing food in cellars will allow you to use it for a longer period of time, and more importantly, it will not lose any of its taste or quality during that time.


What a Cellar Does To Your Fruit and Vegetables?

Street-fair-of-Organic-Agricultural-products-154947Root cellars are all ways to save fresh, raw and whole vegetables and fruits in order to keep there quality.  Especially those vegetables and fruits that haven’t been processed. These are susceptible to going bad, and should be kept in an environment which doesn’t allow bacteria to grow and mold to development.  You can preserve these kinds of foods for up to several months after the harvesting period. This is because the environment of a cellar doesn’t allow the food to decompose due to the cold and moist environment.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Cellar?

The main advantage of having a cellar is that you can store food, mainly fruit and vegetables, and this will provide you with the feeling of security.  But also, if you choose to put your food in the cellar you will consume food, for which you know its origin and you will not have to eat food which has traveled half of the world to reach you.  This practice can also save you money, since you will be obtaining food at the most reasonable price at the peak of the local harvest, which is much more economical than when you purchase the same supplies in supermarkets in December.

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Eat Locally, Eat Organically

This will also allow you to eat foods which have been grown locally, and food which is safe and organic.  It also will allow you to know when the food you eat has been properly taken care of and grown in such a way which keeps you safe and healthy.

Following Nature’s Patterns

It is really important to follow the natural processes that food goes through.  What I mean by that is that you should eat food which is grown locally, at times of the year when it is grown, and those fruit and vegetables can then be stored in your cellar in order for you to eat them later on.  Also, you should avoid imported food and food which is not grown locally whenever you can.

Check Your Fruit and Vegetables

10.22You should check your fruit and vegetables often and inspect them for various cuts.  It is really important that your fruit and vegetables is entire, not bruised or damaged in any way, since this can lead to the spoilage of your food supplies.

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